Surya Grahan Puja


In Vedic Astrology Solar Eclipse is not just any celestial phenomenon. It holds a significant place in Hindu religion. However, Solar Eclipse is never considered an auspicious event in Hinduism. Any native with Solar Eclipse in his or her birth chart is deemed to suffer in life as per astrology. But just like every lock this too comes with keys. You must have the right knowledge and right direction to overcome the effects of Solar Eclipse.

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During the time of Solar Eclipse we must indulge ourselves in worship of God. Special precaution must be taken by pregnant ladies during the event. (Surya Grahan Puja)

What is the solar eclipse?

This is an Astronomical event when Moon comes between the Sun and Earth. Moon’s shadow falls on the Earth during the trajectory causing the temporary darkness on affected area of Earth. In earlier times people were afraid of Solar Eclipse thinking it as a work of evil. But with development the concept was cleared but we still need to take care.

What are the effects of Solar Eclipse on Horoscope?

Twelfth house is the last house in a horoscope. If we start studying from the first house, twelfth house could be considered as the end. In Vedic astrology when Sun is adjoined with Rahu or Ketu in 12 th house then the result is known as Surya Grahan Dosha or Solar Eclipse in horoscope. Apart from it if Sun’s house is occupied by Rahu or Ketu then also it is considered as Surya Grahan Dosha in Janamkundali.

Natives with Solar Eclipse effect in Horoscope are suggested to perform Surya Grahan Dosh Niwaran Pooja. It is called Worship for Solar Eclipse in Horoscope. This sacred Vedic ritual brings harmony in the native’s future life.

What are the benefits of Sun Eclipse worship?

  • This pooja brings prosperity and happiness in life.
  • This is directly associated with life provider Sun. Performing this puja fills life with energizing
  • powers and positivity.
  • This is helpful in maintaining in harmony between couples suffering from difference of
  • It brings peace in family thus ensuring prosperity, harmony, and happiness amongst family
  • Work or professional life prospers with the auspicious results of this ritual.
  • Natives receive the vehicle, house or other assets with the blessings.

What Mantra should be chanted during Solar Eclipse?

“ॐ आदित्याय विदमहे दिवाकराय धीमहि तन्नो सूर्य: प्रचोदयात् ”

“Aum Adityaye Videhmahe Divakaraya Dhimahi Tanno Suryah: Prachodayat”

Precautions to be taken at the time of eclipse

  • During Solar Eclipse eating or drinking anything is prohibited although children and sick people can eat cautiously
  • You must put basil leaves or Bermuda grass (durva) in stored grains or food items to save
  • them from ill effects of Solar Eclipse
  • You must take a bath immediately after Solar Eclipse is over
  • Donating food or money to poor Brahmins is also sacred way to overcome negative effects of Solar Eclipse
  • Special Precautions for Pregnant Women during Sun Eclipse
  • Pregnant ladies must not see the eclipse
  • They must not go out during the time of surya grahan
  • Pregnant ladies must refrain from using knives, needles, brooms etc during the surya grahan time.

What is the time of Worship for Surya Grahan?

It is decided upon seeing the event time and date.

What is the significance of Surya Grahan Worship?

Performing this puja can help in reducing the malefic effects in Horoscope because of Solar Eclipse. This paves path for important tasks in life. Also native is freed from any physical and mental tensions with the effect of the worship ceremony.

What information do we need from native to perform Solar Eclipse Worship?

Name and Gotra of native, Father’s Name, Date of Birth and place of birth are desired for performing

How to get auspicious puja performed by us?

You may call on our AstroVidhi customer care number 8285282851 to fix schedule for sacred Sun Eclipse puja. We just need your name and other details mentioned above to perform the ritual. This will bring auspicious results in your life.

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