Chandra Grahan Dosha Puja


Chandra Grahan is the situation in which the Earth comes between the Moon and the Sun. In this situation, the whole or the half part of the moon is shrouded. This stage is called Chandra Grahan.

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According to Hindu beliefs, it has a special significance from a religious perspective, it is considered inauspicious. Pregnant women should follow special precautions during Grahan. According to Hindu beliefs, most of the time during Grahan should spend in worship and worship of God. (Chandra Grahan Dosha Puja)

How Chandra Grahan affects horoscope?

If the person’s birth chart has Rahu, Ketu, and Moon in the same house this state is called Chandra Grahan. If the Moon is surrounded by such malefic planets; it is also called the Chandra Grahan Dosha.

Benefits of Chandra Grahan Dosha Puja

  • It bestows the person’s life with happiness and prosperity.
  • It affects the unstable mind and provides mental stability.
  • If there is a discrepancy of opinion between husband and wife or the situation of separation arises, it is relieved from its worship. Adoration and love amplify in mutual relationships.
  • Business and occupation-related matters gain profits and are blessed with a house and vehicle comfort are retained.
  • In the family, riches and wealth are retained and love increases among family members.

Precautions to be taken during Chandra Grahan

  • According to Hindu beliefs, eating or drinking during the Grahan is forbidden.
  • To avoid the bad effects of Rahu and Ketu during Grahan, the pregnant women should follow special precautions so that the children born in the womb do not bear any defects.
  • To save the food and stored materials in the house, put Durva or Tulsi leaves in it.
  • After the completion of Chandra Grahan, you should take a bath. Contribute grains or some rupees to the Brahmins.

Chandra Grahan Dosha Jap Mantra

Engage in good deeds and chant following mantra’s 108 times-

“Om Shraan Shreen Shraun Sah Chandramase Namah”

“Om Son Somaay Namah”

Lord Moon and Lord Shiva should be worshipped during the Grahan.

Ingredients for Ritual

Dhoop (incense sticks),  mango leaves, clarified butter, red vermillion, Janeyu, camphor, honey, sugar, rice, betel nut, flower leaves, betel leaf, fruits, sweets, Gangajal (holy water of river Ganga), Kalava (earthen pot), Havan mix and Pink cloth.

Worship time

The time of worship will be decided by seeing an auspicious time from the calendar or by a Pandit.

Significance of Chandra Grahan Dosha Puja

By performing this Puja all your important work is completed. Your physical and mental ailments are improved and you get relief from health issues. The inauspicious effect of the Chandra Grahan in the natal chart gets reduced.

Desired information of Host required during ritual

  • Name of the person
  • Family’s clan
  • Father’s name
  • Birth date
  • Time

How to get rid of Chandra Grahan Dosha?

Contact our Mahamrityunjaya Customer Care Number 8285282851; you can take desired time to perform Chandra Grahan Dosha Puja done for you or your family members. The name, birth clan, birth date and father’s name is essential to be known to perform this sacred ritual for happiness and prosperity.

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